Best Paradise for Teenage Girls

Crocker Park

To the naked eye, it appears to be some sort of surreal theme park. In the middle of a Westlake field sits a quaint fantasy town of shops, eateries, and apartments. While developers call it a "lifestyle center," to the teenage girl with a shopping jones and a pocketful of babysitting scratch, Crocker Park has a far simpler name: paradise. The place is loaded with all the shopping staples, including Urban Outfitters, H&M, and Banana Republic. For inexpensive dining, there's Aladdin's as well as Liquid Planet, home to that staple of adolescent subsistence, the cheap salad. As a bonus, there's a Regal Cinema with 16 theaters, stadium seating, and an impressive candy selection. And the best thing about this fake town is that it doesn't come with real crime. Parents can drop off Little Susie for an afternoon of shopping without worrying about her safety.