Best Parties for Animal-Lovers

Cleveland Zoo Fund-raisers

The zoo is a magical place when you're a child -- making faces at the monkeys, gazing in awe at big cats who could tear you limb from limb. Then you enter adulthood, and the magic slowly fades. Fortunately, you can get it back by consuming large amounts of booze at one of the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo's yearly fund-raisers. In February, the zoo throws a Valentine's Day-themed party called "Animal Attractions," where you can tour the RainForest -- Long Island iced tea in hand -- and learn all about how snakes, apes, and the duck-billed platypus do the nasty. Come back in August for "Twilight at the Zoo," in which the whole park is opened up for you to blindly stumble around, sampling food, booze, and a slew of bands. But stay on the marked paths. Some of the zoo's animals wouldn't mind a free meal either.