Best Party Throwers

Barley House

The entertainment winds in Cleveland seemed to change every few years for a while there, with one scene springing up at the expense of the previous king of late night. These days, Cleveland counts multiple strongholds for entertainment and moonlit escapades, from East Fourth to Ohio City, from the revamped Flats to Tremont. And at the heart of every weekend, the Barley House still remains king. Readers still love the West Sixth destination, which seems to host a party or special event that can't be topped every Saturday night, until it's topped the following weekend, and so on. It's a favorite among Cleveland athletes — Joe Haden, Kyrie Irving and others have been regulars with bottle service — and if they're around, you can be sure it's still one of the hottest places to be seen in Cleveland.

1261 West Sixth St., 216-623-1700,

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