Best Pet Shop

Kamms Plaza Pet and Supply

If you're in need of a little puppy love, just walk into Kamms Plaza Pet and Supply and play with a baby cocker spaniel or chocolate Lab. The store owners make sure each puppy gets time every day to roam the store and get a little exercise. In an era when most pet stores, especially the big chains, are scaling back on the variety of pets they carry, Kamms offers a broad sweep, from iguanas to ferrets. You can buy an earthworm for 8 cents or a blood python that the manager calls "vicious" for $150. Most pet stores have pre-bagged feed, but Kamms has a wide selection of bulk pet food that allows you to mix and match. Kamms is also one of the few pet shops in the area authorized by the county auditor to sell dog licenses. And it's the only one to offer a warranty on all of its pets: If Fluffers dies within a year, Kamms gives you a new pet or your money back.