Best Pho

Pho Hoa

Slurp, click. Slurp, click. That's the sound of happy diners wielding chopsticks and soupspoons at our favorite noodle shop, Pho Hoa. While the little eatery, tucked inside Chinatown's Golden Plaza, recently expanded its menu and underwent a mini-remodeling that made the digs much more hip and trendy, it's still the pho -- that substantial Vietnamese soup with sweet and savory broth, plump noodles, and tender beef -- that makes us get all steamy inside. Mix it to taste with hot sauce, fish sauce, and thick soy paste as well as fresh lime, Asian basil, cilantro, bean sprouts, and hot peppers, and what you get is the type of complex taste adventure that you'll never pour out of a can.

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