Best Pitchman

Mikey from Regency Windows

If you watch local TV, you've seen the commercial: Mikey, a rubber-faced, excitable rube, fans out a gangsta roll of bills and exclaims, "I'm gonna save you a lotttttta money!" The first time you see it, you think, "It's terrible that the owner of this window company is exploiting the retarded." The second time, you think: "Oh. My. God. That is the owner!" "Mikey" is Mike Magden, who runs the company with his two sons, Aaron and Harley. When he's not bling-blinging over new windows, he's actually a pretty buttoned-down guy with a sharp head for business. He's smart enough to know that windows aren't the most exciting product, which means that it takes an enthusiastic pitchman to break through the white noise. Thus was born his infectious catch phrase, which has become as much a part of the local culture as Michael Stanley. One more time, say it with us: "I'm gonna save you a lotttttta money!"