Best Pizza

Romeo's Pizza

We love pizza. Thick crust or thin, pepperoni or pineapple, red sauce, white sauce, or barbecue - we've known and dug them all. That said, our current heartthrob is Romeo's Pizza, home to gooey and intensely seasoned pies, several of which come with prestigious pedigrees. Take the meat-loaded Butcher Shop, for example, a combo of Romeo's unique savory-sweet tomato sauce, pepperoni, bacon, sausage, meatballs, and finely diced ham. No wonder this one took the title of Best Gourmet Pizza in the Midwest in both 2002 and 2004 from the Mid-American Soft Serve and Pizza Show. Then there's the Great Ranch and Potato - declared America's Greatest Gourmet Pizza at 2004's American Pizza Championship in New York. Slathered with bacon-ranch sauce, its tender crust nearly buckles beneath its cargo of buttery roasted-potato wedges, fennel-scented Italian sausage, and toasted almond slices sprinkled with ranch seasoning.