Best Place for a First Date/Indoor Wedding Venue

Cleveland Museum of Art

Readers' Choice

Ever since the museum's glorious $300 million transformation a few years back, the atrium has been a go-to venue for a diverse roster of events: the monthly Mix dance; fundraising and annual benefit galas; a pivotal scene in Captain America: Winter Soldier; and yes, of course, weddings. With a vast open area, a perfect floor for dancing, and the knowledge that you are lovingly surrounded by some of the most famous works of art in the world, there's no venue more suited to tying the knot. Have we mentioned that you can get personally crafted menus from local chef Doug Katz? (Not that your special day is or should be about generating photos, but the photos we've seen from weddings at CMA are straight magic.) Single? Don't worry about it. Get yourself a date and take them here, casually strolling through the galleries and basking in art that you can pretend to know about while getting to know each other. Who knows, years later, you might just return for your wedding.

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