Best Place for Gringos to Practice Spanish and/or Buy Mexican Groceries

Mi Pueblo Taqueria and Supermarket

Clevelanders are likely familiar with Mi Pueblo's east- and west-side eateries, but the latter also features a small grocery store that is essential for Mexican-food aficionados and lovers of all things south-of-the-border. Chances are, if you're buying Mexican chorizo in Cleveland and you're not buying it here, it isn't Mexican chorizo. The stuff they sell fresh from the butcher counter is the real deal — it bleeds beautiful orange fat and lets off a spicy fragrance that'll light up the senses. You'll also find produce, cheeses, tortillas, candy, sauces, imported beer, Mexican music, piñatas, Spanish magazines and soccer jerseys. We especially love how the friendly staff primarily speaks Spanish. Show a little love by brushing up on the language and be part of a positive cultural exchange. (12207 Lorain Ave., Cleveland, 216.671.6661, Guevara