Best Place for One-Night Stands


Remember that place Pinocchio went to in the Disney movie, where he partied, smoked cigars, and got all messed up? Well, if he had gone to Put-in-Bay, he might have become a real man. Disguising itself as a family retreat, this island just off the coast of Sandusky is anything but. It's home to the world's largest bar (the Beer Barrel Saloon) and our local answer to Jimmy Buffett (crooner Pat Dailey). But the real attraction is the boobs, a smorgasbord of Girls Gone Wild-style flashing that brings Mardi Gras to the North Coast. There are no cars - and likewise no back seats - so sex often occurs in the back of golf carts en route to the ferry. In the morning, phone numbers are rarely exchanged as lovers depart for their respective suburbs. Same as in Vegas, what happens in Put-in-Bay stays there.