Best Place to Buy a Pet Coffin

Gotta Have It

"We're making pet coffins today," co-owner Jackie Zubal says cheerfully, as she emerges from a back room where her sewing table is awash in lamé, leopard print, and bubble wrap. At Gotta Have It, every day brings a new project, be it fashioning a patchwork wall collage out of fun-fur remnants and plastic Mexican wrestler action figures, or wrapping the ceiling in tinfoil. "I wanted a tin ceiling, but I couldn't afford it," says Zubal, who runs the store with her sister and fellow art-school grad, Tina Romanak. Gotta Have It custom-makes pet coffins (from bird to Doberman size) and just about everything else any half-mad poet can dream up. When you're there, also check out their prized collection of poodle whiskey bottle covers.