Best Place to Buy a Sack of Stephen King Novels for a Buck

Lakewood Public Library Used Book Sale

Cleveland ain't all sports, rock and roll, and bratwurst -- there are real lit-er-ary folks in these parts. You can see some real live ones at the used book sales that Lakewood Public Library holds in its basement two times a year (three, if you count the Saturday-only sale in August). It's hard to say which are packed in more tightly: the books or the customers. Shelves stretch high overhead and creak with the weight of the 50-cent books (the last day of the sale is the buck-a-bag day). Shoppers browse among the (well-organized) sections of fiction, periodicals, nonfiction on every subject, children's, and reference materials. Weary-but-happy bibliophiles, bearing armloads of books, smile sheepishly as they "excuse me, pardon me" through aisles crowded with fellow book-lovers. You really can't get much else for a buck these days. Except maybe a bratwurst.