Best Place to Buy a Tajine

Sur La Table

After all those hours you've spent in front of the telly watching the Food Network, isn't it time you got off your butt and actually cooked something? Besides, the old excuses -- "I dont have a fondue pot," or "Wherever shall I find a tajine?" -- are getting really lame, now that Sur La Table has come to town. When it comes to out-of-the-ordinary kitchen equipment, if you've seen it, heard of it, or thought it would be cool if someone invented it, you can find it here. Pork chop frills? Check. Candy thermometers? Check. Handmade, pig-shaped, earthenware casseroles, delivered straight from the Andes? Yeah, they've got those, too. Oh, and about those tall pottery tajines, intricately decorated like Moorish tiles: Pick out two or three. If the Moroccan-meal thing doesnt quite work out, we hear they make cute planters, too.