Best Place to Buy Trashy Pulp Novels

Blue Arrow

Blue Arrow Records and Books opened last year as an expansion of This Way Out, the vintage store underneath the Beachland run by Pete and Debbie Gulyas. It's a repository of pop-culture artifacts, with vinyl at the heart of its mission, but a lot more. Music books, T-shirts, magazines, 45s, posters and weird novelties are among the items in a store much larger than your typical used-records hole in the wall. Digging in the bins and the shelves is a crash course in obsolete cultural manifestations. Among the most obsolete — and therefore, most fascinating — are the lurid '50s and '60s pulp novels which offer a glimpse into a more repressed era when sex was treated as a raging force certain to destroy all in its path. Read about fallen women, corrupted innocents and hot-blooded temptresses leading men to ruin. Then form a band and write lyrics about them — and get a gig at the Beachland. (16001 Waterloo Rd., 216.486.2415, — Pantsios