Best Place to Buy Used T-Shirts

Village Discount Outlet

We are smack-dab in the middle of the largest ironic fashion craze in human history — even Target's in on the nostalgic T-shirt trip. But any self-respecting band geek or nostalgia nerd knows that vintage gear is required whenever possible. That's why the best place to find the finest faddish digs is at the Village Discount Outlet in Cuyahoga Falls. Three long rows devoted to meticulously displayed T-shirts create a rainbow of cotton — and there's pots of gold all over the place. Your options are almost endless, from bandwagon sports teams (Browns, Ohio State) to locally grown school gear (Westlake Demons, anyone?) to vintage rock T's (both classic and cheeseball varieties) — it's all here. Craving a true original? Who wouldn't envy your Camp Kenston tie-dye personally signed by all the girls who attended, or the NAACP Voter Security T with accompanying jacket. There's gear for any ironic need you have, and half the fun is in the hunting.

2930 State Rd., Cuyahoga Falls, 330-384-8100,