Best Place to Drop Acid (or Take Kids)

Great Lakes Science Center

This place is guaranteed to provide hours of fascinating and intellectually enriching fun for the whole family. It's also the unofficial best place to ingest mind-bending hallucinogens. You'll want to spend hours jamming on the MIDI sound stage, equipped with drum pads, a keyboard, and the light harp - little kids will really appreciate your rendition of Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight," as they patiently wait their turn. Next, check out the eight-foot-tall simulated tornado - if you look hard enough, you might see your dead grandmother's ghost emerge from the heart of the vortex. In the InfoTech Gallery, take a photo of yourself and digitally manipulate the image - or just stare at it and wait for it to change on its own. And be sure to take a flight on a virtual hang-glider through the Grand Canyon - because nothing's better when you're high than, uhhh, getting high?