Best Place to Experience Cognitive Dissonance

Cuyahoga County Clerk of Courts, Civil Division

It is the forum for our discontent. Love it (lawyers, court reporters, journalists) or hate it (everybody else), the lawsuit is how we settle disputes in this nation. And if you've got a beef against somebody in Cuyahoga County, chances are you're going to have to come here sooner or later. This is the Clerk of Courts department, civil division, inside the justice center. The setting is a low-key affair, with suitably muted walls and carpeting, a huge bank of computers, and the hush of important business all around. It is the place where you get to memorialize wrongs and seek fiduciary justice: serious business. Yet you wouldn't know it by the music. All day long, feel-good oldies blast from the sound system as the business of suing people trudges along.