Best Place to Get a Lotta Crap for $20

Jamie's Flea Market

There are so many bargains to be found at this twice-weekly flea market (the largest in the area) that you could probably deck out your house for less than $100. Need a couple of new chairs for the dining room? You'll find them here. Need a plastic clip to keep the Fritos bag closed? You'll find that here too. What about an old Cool Whip container filled with nails, screws, bolts, nuts and springs? Yep, it's here. Best of all, there's plenty of cheap cool stuff — from superhero action figures to Turok comic books to Jimi Hendrix vinyl records — just waiting to be haggled over. Because your man-cave needs furnished too. (46388 Telegraph Rd., S. Amherst, 440.986.4402,