Best Place to Get Geek Toys

Carol & John's

We used to make monthly trips to Carol & John's for the latest comic books and graphic novels (and maybe the occasional pack of Marvel Masterpieces trading cards). But now we go to the store every month to stock up on all the geeky toys they carry. In addition to the shelves filled with action figures, mini figures and pricey ceramic figurines (everybody from Supergirl to 24's Jack Bauer), Carol & John's boasts a front counter jammed with miniature collector toys packaged in little boxes, so you don't who you're getting (kinda like baseball cards, but nerdier). There are some familiar characters — like the Simpsons and Domo — but our favorites are the tiny smoking bunnies, hippos and hand grenades. Cigarettes haven't looked this cool since Uma Thurman lit up in Pulp Fiction. (17448 Lorain Ave., 216.252.0606, Gallucci