Best Place to Get Medieval on Someone's Ass

Great Lakes Medieval Faire

There's much to love about this annual summer fest, which runs for six weekends on a wide patch of land in the middle of nowhere in Ashtabula County. You've got big-ass turkey legs. You've got busty wenches pouring beer. You've got burly guys walking around in 90-degree weather wearing gambesons and leather pants and greeting visitors with hearty huzzahs. But you've also got plenty of opportunities to watch people get their asses kicked. Whether it's jousting competitions or sword fights, guys dressed like Lord of the Rings extras are hitting the dirt regularly during solo and team battles. Plus, you can get in on the action by fencing a pal or giving him a 1475-style beatdown with a padded stick. Huzzah! (3033 St. Rt. 534, Rock Creek, 440.474.4280, Gallucci