Best Place to Hang Out if You're Broke

Lakewood Public Library

Corporate downsizing equals lifestyle downsizing, and many a Clevelander has had to say goodbye to little luxuries. So you had to drop the Netflix subscription and say no to the megaplex. You had to postpone that vacation to China and closed your iTunes account. You can't afford to buy The Economist anymore, much less the Sunday New York Times (no excuses for not picking up Scene). No problem. The Lakewood Public Library (try your local public library, non-west siders) is an oasis of knowledge and free entertainment. Here you'll find DVDs, CDs, magazines, newspapers, and of course, lots and lots of books. It doesn't cost a dime. The Lakewood facility also features movie screenings, music performances and lectures. Plus, it's a nice, spacious building, one that makes you feel like you're improving yourself just by walking through the doors. Get off the couch and learn something while you have the chance. (15425 Detroit Ave., 216.226.8275, Guevara