Best Place to Play a Theremin

Avon Lake Public Library

Tucked away in the spacious confines of the Avon Lake Public Library is an area called DiscoveryWorks, where kids (big ones included) can find out about gravity, learn how magnets work, and make metal bowls sing. Best, however, is a working theremin, plugged in and ready for use. A theremin is an electronic musical instrument played by moving your hands between two antennas. If youre still perplexed, think of the Beach Boys Good Vibrations: Know that part where it sounds like a high-pitched woman attempting some very shaky opera singing? Thats a theremin. The 85-year-old instrument also provides the totally rockin melody to Star Treks theme song. More recently, Radiohead used one on its trio of experimental electronic albums. So, channel your inner Brian Wilson (or Gene Roddenberry or Thom Yorke) and make some noise, all in the name of science.