Best Place to See a Movie For Under $1

Cinemark Movies 10

Going to the movies is fun, except when you have to take out a second mortgage to do it. To take your family to the latest blockbuster and keep everyone supplied with Snowcaps nowadays means coughing up a sum that rivals the GNP of Eritrea. For budget-minded moviegoers, however, there's no better place than Movies 10 in Willoughby Hills. All shows before 6 p.m. are just 50 cents; after 6 on Monday through Thursday, admission is $1; and on the weekends, it's $1.50. Granted, it's a second-run theater, but it's maintained with the class and cleanliness of any other, and even though you may have to wait a bit to see the current hits, trust us when we tell you that Stuart Little 2 is definitely worth the wait.