Best Place to Shmooze Akron Politicos

Bricco Restaurant

Need to gripe to Akron mayor Don Plusquellic about your trash pickup? Itching to tell Summit County Executive James McCarthy how you feel about the County's smoking ban? Just head down to Bricco, where on any given day you can rub elbows with the area's political players. Since the restaurant opened in 2003, Bricco has been the unofficial headquarters of the Summit County Democratic Party. While owner David Glenny says his restaurant is bipartisan ("I'll take money from anyone!"), its clientele reflects the blue hue of local politics. Bricco has played host to Ted Strickland's campaign for governor, Summit County Council fund-raisers, and Plusquellic's victory celebrations. If you stop by for happy hour, just remember that Plusquellic prefers red wine, while McCarthy likes Bud Light in a bottle.