Best Place to Spot Celebrities


If this bar's good enough for consummate cool guy Billy Zane, star of Titanic and Zoolander, it's good enough for us. Since its opening in 2002, Modä has quickly become the destination of choice for celebrities visiting Cleveland. Located on West 25th, its front doors flanked by Roman statues, the club blends '50s sci-fi with Diddy's crib. The dim lighting makes it easy for A-listers to come and go unnoticed. And they're here often. LeBron James hangs out there, and so does Shaquille O'Neal, when he's in town for a game. Snoop has been known to light up in the VIP section. And the godfather of hip-hop himself, Russell Simmons, parties here. Last time he stopped by, Modä's managers scrambled to fill his request for Cristal, chicken wings, Pop-Tarts, and White Castle hamburgers. When Chingy visited recently, he demanded a box of condoms. Prospective groupies and low-level autograph hounds may want to stake out the front doors on Friday nights.