Best Place to Watch the Sunset

Clifton Private Beach and Lagoon

You might not be rich enough to live here, but you can still enjoy the tranquillity and beauty of this gated harbor community. Kick back with your sweetheart in the wooden recliners at the edge of the water. Toast the melting sun with crystal glasses of bubbly - or master cylinders of Colt 45, if you prefer - and let your thoughts drift with the gentle ripples of the shimmering Erie water. Gulls cry, the wind whispers through giant weeping willows, and boats gurgle softly into harbor. Bring some friends and grill out on the beach, or gather driftwood and make a fire in the pit. Take a refreshing evening dip in the lake, or stay dry and whack some golf balls out to sea. But remember: Unless you have a membership, you won't be able to park in the lot. Park on the street and walk down the hill. And wear a polo shirt.