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Geis Companies

Readers' Choice

Geis Companies is perhaps most famous locally for their recent work on The 9 downtown. Here at Scene, we have no choice but to assume that a company that can create Cleveland's hottest new spot must also be a kick-ass place to spend your 9-to-5 hours. Based in Streetsboro, Geis' HQ is a bit of a hike from Cleveland's hustle and bustle, but the employees are friendly and knowledgeable and passionate. They've been world leaders in design-build projects for 40 years. Most recently, a team of seven Geis employees worked 'round the clock to crank out a media center proposal for the RNC's visit, a huge factor in their ultimate selection of Cleveland. Great vibes at Geis, with a dedicated president and CEO.

10020 Aurora-Hudson Rd., Streetsboro, 330-528-3500,