Best Place You Didn't Expect To Find This Many Beers

Foster's Hinckley Tavern

So, you've wandered into this unspectacular joint at the corner of Route 303 and Ridge Road in Hinckley. It looks like just about the only restaurant in town, situated across the street from a hunting shop, caddy corner to the library and the firehouse. This is someplace where you stop for a simple domestic brew and some good meat. The second half of that statement is true — Foster's does grill up some of the finest burgers in town; the first half, however, isn't. They do have all your favorite domestics, but Foster's also stocks just about every fancy, imported, microbrew, hard-to-find ale, stout, porter or lager you could want. Coolers in the middle of the seating area are the perfect storage for the curious customer. Yes, this is Hinckley, my friend, not Tremont. (1382 Ridge Rd., Hinckley, 330.278.2106) — Grzegorek