Best Player Who Got Away

Richie Sexson, Milwaukee Brewers

We've seen this scenario before: A promising Indians farmhand gets his first look at the big time, but can't get enough at-bats in a lineup full of stars. Whaddya do? Ship him someplace else, so he can be a star and make the big dollars, just like his former teammates do. But what's confounding about the loss of Richie Sexson is the immediacy with which he transformed from a .240 hitter with a swing full of holes to a .320 hitter finding holes with his swing. Bob Wickman, Steve Woodard, and Jason Bere -- the players Cleveland received in the trade -- may help us with the short-term gratification of a 2000 postseason appearance, but chances are we'll have more and more reason to regret losing Richie's big bat as the years roll on.