Best Political Comeback

Tim Hagan, County Commissioner

It was the worst-guarded secret in Cleveland politics: Cuyahoga County Commissioner Tim McCormack's daily temper tantrums were making the county's already inefficient bureaucracy drag to a halt. Reenter Tim Hagan. After 16 years as a commissioner himself, Hagan quit to challenge Bob Taft in the 2002 governor's race. Hagan got clobbered. Two years later, the city's business and political bigwigs begged him to get back into the game. It was the Battle of the Tims, and it wasn't even close. Hagan crushed McCormack in the primary. The Republicans didn't bother putting up a challenger, and Hagan cakewalked back into his old job. And now that Taft is taking daily poundings in the press for screwing up the state's investments - not to mention his being named the worst governor in America and owning a favorability rating just slightly above scabies - it looks like Hagan won by losing.