Best Political Reformers

The FBI's Organized Crime and Public Corruption Squad

Cleveland's biggest curse isn't the "Quiet Crisis," brain drain, or NAFTA. It's that no one can do business here without being shaken down by the mutts and leeches we elect. Of course, it would be nice if someone in City Hall grabbed the torch of reform. But since no one's willing, that job has been left to the FBI's organized crime and public corruption squad. It may be doing more for Cleveland than all the politicians and business people combined. In the past year, it's thrown the knockout punch at Nate Gray, Ricardo Teamor, and Joe Jones. And the squad, led by Agent Paul Graupmann, is still looking to pick bigger fights, including bouts with Mike White and Forest City's Sam Miller. In the go-along, get-along culture of elite Cleveland, these are the only guys taking names, kicking ass, and actually working on behalf of the people paying their salaries. They may be the only people in town who understand the true meaning of public service.