Best Politician Quotes

Ward 11 Councilman Mike Polensek

While many politicians talk around issues for fear of displeasing someone, North Collinwood's Councilman Mike Polensek calls a spade a spade —and a thug a thug. He became notorious in 2007 for a letter to a young constituent arrested for dealing drugs in which Polensek called him "a crack-dealing piece of trash," a "moron" and a "loser," and told him, "There are only two places you will end up at the rate you are going — that is, prison or the nearest funeral home." He's also known for not pulling punches when talking about city politics, his council colleagues or the problems of a diverse neighborhood in flux. It's a neighborhood he was born in and has served as councilman for nearly 27 years. He's seen it torn apart by urban decay and has been involved in its struggle to get back on its feet. It's not a job for the polite and soft-spoken — and he's neither. ( — Pantsios