Best Politician When You Need a Quote

Cleveland Councilman Mike Polensek

You could say Mike Polensek has a special affection for his Collinwood ward, having spent every one of his 58 years there. And he's got no time for polite talk when it comes to the drug dealers, shady bar owners, and predatory lenders who have invaded his hard-working neighborhood. Take, for instance, the letter Polensek penned to a guy caught selling drugs outside a convenience store. After calling the man a "crack-dealing piece of trash," Polensek closed the letter with the words "Go to jail or the cemetery soon." The lovable councilman is equally outgoing with reporters, who always know whom to call when they need some straight talk from City Hall. When Scene interviewed Polensek last year about the shady Browns Stadium and I-X Center deals, Polensek searched for the perfect analogy to describe how the taxpayers got screwed. He finally arrived at "the big jar of Vaseline from Sam's Club, you hear me?" Loud and clear, Mikey, loud and clear.