Best Pool Hall

L&L Billiard Room

The L&L is for pool purists. The entire space is devoted to 11 antique, full-sized Brunswick tables, known for their sturdy construction. Every table is flat as a pancake, and the bumpers are hard and refurbished regularly. Even when the place is full, which is most nights from Wednesday through Saturday, there's enough room that you don't have to short-arm the stick. Customers rent the tables by the hour, so you can play at your own pace and never have to defend your spot. (At $7.50 an hour, the rent is cheap too.) Unlike many pool halls, which rarely replace their house cues because the regulars all bring their own, the L&L keeps a broad selection of sticks that aren't bowed from age or misuse. The L&L is a rare place. It meets the exacting standards of top pool players while still offering a welcoming environment for novices.