Best Progressive Crusader

Subodh Chandra

Former Cleveland law director and candidate for state attorney general Subodh Chandra (left) is a really nice guy, but he does not suffer fools gladly. Recently he filed a complaint against fellow attorney Orly Taitz, the most vocal member of the "birther" movement that claims Barack Obama isn't a U.S. citizen. "While lawyers have a wide range of latitude to advocate for their clients," he explains, "they do not have professional license to just make things up." But where Chandra shows true commitment to principles is in taking on other Democrats who find talking easier than walking. In Scene recently he noted that Dem candidate for secretary of state Jennifer Garrison "has had her own issues with gay-baiting, being extremely anti-choice and making racist remarks — not exactly the kind of person you want protecting minority-voting rights. Yet the Ohio Democratic Party seems ready to coronate her." Chandra won't commit to running for office himself again, but we'll keep hoping for a change of mind we can believe in. — Lewis