Best Promoter

Cleveland Music City

During the summer of 2013, James Carol, the guy behind the local promotions company Cleveland Music City, decided to put together a music festival that would simultaneously celebrate Halloween and champion the city's best indie rock bands. So he set about booking the Modern Electric, Welshly Arms, Seafair and Simpler Times along with two non-local acts to perform at his inaugural concert. He dubbed the event the Shining, both as an homage to the horror film and as a way of acknowledging the showcase element of the event. At the time, he said he wanted to build the next wave of independent artists in Cleveland through the event. And that's not all. The guy regularly promotes local shows with upcoming acts like These Knees, Blaka Watra and Obnox, and collaborates on concerts with the people behind the new media event Weapons of Mass Creation. He's one of the city's true tastemakers.

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