Best Public-Access Show

The 5 Dolla Half Hour

The 5 Dolla Half Hour has all the ingredients of a great public-access TV show. "Stunt" weed? Check. Apple IIe screen graphics? Check. Cig-smoking vagina? Uhhh . . . check. Produced by Chris Barna out of his North Hill home, The 5 Dolla Half Hour has emerged as the most-watched show on Time Warner public access - no small accomplishment, considering that it was up against porn previews masquerading as a variety show. What makes 5 Dolla so popular is that it knows its audience - who else but potheads and drunks watch TV at 1:30 on a Saturday morning? Whether it's a commercial featuring a yard-long bong and the phrase "Sales Tax? Shipping? Fuck That!" or a hallucinatory image of a spliff-smoking Barna superimposed over a giant pot leaf, 5 Dolla keeps its humor half-baked, celebrating our dubious First Amendment right to smoke a doobie on TV.