Best Public Golf Course

The Reserve at Thunder Hill

If you're planning on playing Northeast Ohio's finest 18, be sure to pack an extra box or two of Top Flights -- chances are, you're going to need them. With more than 150 water hazards and sand traps, the Reserve at Thunder Hill has myriad ways to make your ball disappear, along with your handicap and most likely your ego. But the experience is well worth the dose of humility. Besides beautiful views and challenging greens (the Thunder Tees could only have been created by Satan himself), the Reserve offers professional-quality holes at amateur prices. It's $62 for 18 on the weekends, but come during the week before 2 p.m. and pay only $40 for 18 holes, three complimentary balls, and a free Thunderdog hot dog at the turn. A golf course that feeds you while it embarrasses you -- what more could anyone ask?