Best Punk-Era Holdover


Yes, Derf. It's not just because we work with him (disclosure: We work with him), and it's not just because Pere Ubu is only intermittently active. It's because of his book from last fall, Punk Rock and Trailer Parks. It's a first-person account of the improbably disproportionate influence Northeast Ohio had on the development of the mid-'70s music revolution; Akron was allegedly hailed in total seriousness as "The New Liverpool" by England's Melody Maker magazine. Though the book is written from only one person's perspective and it's in cartoon form, as a chronicle of those times, it's a valuable and eminently enjoyable companion to works like Legs McNeil's Please Kill Me, and it's often funnier. And of course, Derf's regular strip, The City still slays us — and readers in about 50 other cities — every week. ( — Kretsch