Best Puppet

The Doctor

He's more eerie than Elvira and creepier than the Cryptkeeper. He's the Doctor, Cleveland's best horror-show host since the Ghoul. All those other scaremongers are good for snappy dialogue between segments of horror movies - but then they get back to the movie and waste your time on artsy crap like plot and character development. The Doctor, on the other hand, cuts straight to the chase - or, as it were, the hangings and decapitations. The Doctor's Asylum for Shut-Ins ran on East End cable access from 1987 to 1992, featuring his disconcerting chatter between repeating video loops of horror classics' grisliest bits. After the Doctor disappeared into the darkness, videotapes of old episodes became hot commodities on the international horror-festival circuit. Now, like any horror icon worth his salt, he has returned, with two new DVD-only episodes. The bespectacled puppet also lurks online, offering ghoulish new fun at the click of a mouse. Though the Doctor declined repeated requests for his medical or academic credentials, he says, "You are quite sick, my friend. And I have the cure for your madness. Video psychotherapy will guide you through your nightmares."
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