Best Radio Personality


He's a tough pill to swallow at times (as evidenced by Marc Maron's detailed description of the radio show's "vomit cannon" antics; WTF?), but Rover (real name: Shane French) remains nonetheless a Cleveland institution. For some, Rover is an icon. For others, a guilty pleasure. Either way, the guy slices through the doldrums of a Cleveland existence with blue-collar humor and risqué walks along the precipice of FCC policy. Without him, it's unclear how this city would get by. We need the catharsis of dick jokes and hamfisted physical stunts to counter the weight of all the corruption and moral bankruptcy out there. And the guy also happens to throw a damn fun party — the annual RoverFest. Lastly, if you've never actually seen him, do check out RMG-TV some morning. His is one of the most intense cases of a voice not matching up with a physical appearance.

Staff Pick: Alan Cox