Best Radio Show

Rover's Morning Glory

There's nothing like waking up and facing the dreary reality of your miserable existence, only to tune into WMMS and hear a long, drawn-out fart escape the inner workings of a man named Dumb. Suddenly, everything is either a) brighter and funnier or b) even bleaker, depending on your general opinion of farts. Regardless, we Clevelanders cherish Rover and his cast of misfit radio peeps. The show has been a fan favorite among a certain sect of Clevelanders for more than a decade now, and there's really no sign of the madman himself slowing down. In simple industry context alone, he's built a towering following out of RMG-TV, the video component of the show, which sort of melds the pathos of old Jerry Springer narratives with a cross-section of Cleveland's oddest demographics. Hey, it works. Duji, we like to think the Press Club of Cleveland has lost its damn mind for snubbing the Shizzy all these years. And Rover, C.L.Y., good sir.

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