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Rover's Morning Glory

Readers' Choice

Whether you tune in as a guilty pleasure or a mandatory part of your morning routine, it's clear that Rover and his motley crew command a devoted following here in Cleveland and in markets more exotic. The guy's a pro, and he's turned goofball antics into a way of life. He and his crew dabble in the irreverent, the gross, the sometimes-insightful, and all the wonderful inside jokes that are a hallmark of a long-running morning zoo show. Hell, they're crafty enough to discuss Jeffrey Larocque pooping his pants while his wife invites a stud into his home — and turn it into a three-hour drama worthy of the highest alt-weekly reader awards. You can jump in at any time with these guys, but know this: Longtime listeners are well rewarded by the group's tangled web of friendship and bizarre antics, so we suggest you join the party. CLY.