Best Radio Station


"Are you the girl who'll play almost anything?" a caller asks a WRUW DJ who's just played Dinosaur Jr. right after Kraftwerk. The caller asks for an old Sheila E. song, and the DJ is happy to oblige. In a city where corporate radio fills the airwaves with mindless repetition, Case Western's radio station is the best of the oases on the left of the dial. You can hear the latest progressive twang on Charlie Saber's alt-country show Tuesday mornings, the best of the '80s on shows like The Spandex Years and Pretty in Pink, and Jamaican music Friday at dinnertime on Night of the Living Dread. Sure, freeform can get obscure and inaccessible, but that doesn't happen too often on WRUW; if you listen every week, the DJs start to remind you of fun, quirky friends as they reliably indulge their peculiar tastes (two hours of the Cure, from 5 a.m. on! Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem from The Muppet Movie closing the show every week!). West Side listeners may find the station a little hard to tune in, but that should change when it finally scrapes the money together to boost its wattage.