Best Radio Station


The DJs seem to have such pride in their voices when they tell us we're "listening to WRUW-FM/91.1, Cleveland, broadcasting from the campus of Case Western Reserve University." Or maybe the station break has become a mantra for us -- an affirmation that there is a refuge from the commercial stations playing the same few old songs again and again. While huge corporations have made most Cleveland radio sound like radio everywhere else, only worse, the college kids and adult culture junkies on WRUW and the other community stations left of 92 are full of character and amateur charm. While the big stations only know which megastar is coming to Gund or Blossom, WRUW's DJs play songs by the acts coming to the Grog Shop or the Beachland -- and if you go to the show, you might find them standing next to you. WRUW sounds the way radio ought to sound: intimate and personal. And it broadcasts the message radio should send: that our city has more adventure, creativity, and excitement hidden within it than we might think.