Best Radio Station

WJCU-FM 88.7

John Carroll University's radio station bills itself as musically "eclectic." That's an efficient way of saying that on 88.7, you'll hear punk rock, alt-rock, indie rock, modern rock, classic rock, industrial rock, R&B, hip-hop, folk, techno, jam bands, reggae, blues, and jazz. There's also a generous selection of ethnic programming -- on Sundays, the Hungarian-flavored Bocskai Radio is followed by Armenian Radio, which is followed by Latin Lingo. The best part is that WJCU isn't nearly as saturated with commercials and unfunny DJs as the rest of Cleveland radio. The DJs put their time in at the Grog Shop and Beachland, learning the local music scene. Most incredibly, you can call their request line, ask for a song, and hear it within 15 minutes. It's like your own personal radio jukebox.