Best Ramones Tribute

The Pinheads

If punk godfathers the Ramones didn't invent punk, they sure as hell invented catchy punk. And even if you're sick of their classic tunes after 30 years, the Pinheads make the music sound like it never did before. The 'heads are formally trained: Guitarist C.J. Gunn and bassist Aaron Dowell played the songs while backing Ramones drummer Marky Ramone. Now they've turned the mic over to tattooed hardcore diva Holly Berry. Berry recreates deep-cut classics with a sandpapery voice that's rougher than Joey Ramone's, but not as grating as Dee Dee's. And while the group can handle obvious choices like "Blitzkrieg Bop" (the "Hey/Ho/Let's go" song), their specialty is rough-around-the-edges selections from the band's '80s albums, like the hardcore "Psychotherapy." If you've got a Ramones jones, a Pinheads gig is all the therapy you need.