Best Rapper-Actor

Scott "Kid Cudi" Mescudi

Between his critically acclaimed, bestselling debut and his imminent sophomore release, Cleveland's Kid Cudi (born Scott Mescudi) turned heads on the HBO dramedy series How to Make It in America. The show chronicled the travails of New York City twentysomethings gunning for good times and career breakthroughs. In a small recurring role, Cudi played Domingo Brown, some guy with a hot girlfriend. He clocked maybe 15 minutes of screen time in the whole run, but it was a respectable outing. His pearly whites and presence carried over from stage to screen. In the final episode, he delivered an inspirational monologue about an uncle in Cleveland. Details are scarce about How to Make It's second season or other future acting gigs for Cudi. But based on the promising start, an acting career appears to be his if wants it — assuming that music thing doesn't get in the way.