Best Real-Life Noisemaker


Northeast Ohio has produced some quality noise freaks in the past several years, including underground darlings Tusco Terror and Emeralds. But the granddaddy freak of them all is Pufftube, aka Scott Pickering, a drummer who has served time in a seemingly infinite number of Rust Belt bands -- from Prisonshake to Gem, Clouds Forming Crowns to the Flat Can Co. Pufftube is Pickering's solo project. Employing computers and four-track alchemy, he transmutes his twisted imagination into damaged noisescapes. This stuff ain't chopped & screwed; it's twisted & fucked. Like most cult artists, Pickering's releases are hard to come by; a copy of his first release, 1991's Emergency Peanut double 7", was recently fetching $36 on eBay. But be on the lookout for a new CD, and prepare to have your mind sufficiently whacked.