Best Reason to Believe in the Cavs

Atawn Jamison

We all know what's been going on in this guy's head ever since "The Decision" went down: " Really? I come here to play with Shaq and LeBron, to make history with legends, and I get Ramon Sessions and Boobie Gibson?" Yes, Antawn Jamison — a midseason fill-in for what so recently was a top-quality ensemble — is now your featured headliner, the guy left holding the keys to the castle after the King dipped out to exile. You could also say he's the only bona fide difference-maker on the roster, a two-time All-Star who can be counted on for 10 boards and 20 points every night. A determined competitor, Jamison isn't the guy who'll tank it in Game Five, assuming we ever see another one of those. He could spend the season shaking his fists at the basketball gods for the bum rap they've dished him, but we're betting he'll step up and be the classy leader he's always been, no matter how ugly this ride may get.